Why Some Farms Are Holding Pageants and Other Events

23 August 2022
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The countryside is gorgeous and can often evoke feelings of nostalgia. In addition to growing food to feed a growing nation, farms are very beautiful and often attract tourists. Oftentimes, a farmer who provides agritourism as a service simply shows others what a typical day at the farm looks like. However, agritourism has also increasingly been used to hold pageants and other events.

How to Market the Farm as a Tourism Product

When a farming business attempts to engage in agritourism, they will need to think about what the primary appeal is of their farm. They will then need to determine how the guests will be integrated into this process. 

Generating a Profit

Oftentimes, agritourism services generate a profit by selling products after the event. For example, a goat farm might sell goat cheese, butter, and other products. It's possible to generate more sales by finding ways to bring more customers to your farm such as by having a pageant.

Holding Pageants

Pageants historically have judged the beauty of contestants. However, as time has evolved, the pageants have become more focused on judging inner beauty. This includes intelligence, talents, and personality. 

During a pageant, each contestant will be asked to introduce themselves. They will need to give information about themselves such as their name and age. They will also be expected to dress based on the type of competition they are engaging in. Typically, contestants will be expected to answer a question by the master of the ceremony. 

Giving Out Awards

Typically, the contestants are judged based on a variety of factors such as their ability to perform a talent, give a speech, or dress up. The event ends with awards and contestants can have beautiful pictures taken with a farm backdrop. The awards can include cash prizes, scholarships, and free gifts. 

Pageants are able to attract attention from those interested in entering the competition and others in the community who enjoy attending pageants. This will provide the farm with an opportunity to bring customers who will also be interested in enjoying the farm and buying products sold by the farm. 

Enjoying the Farm

Guests are more likely to enjoy the farm if it meets their expectations of what a farm is. The farm also needs to be accessible and it should be clear where everyone is expected to go. Guests should be guided so they can tour the farm without potentially placing themselves in danger. Then, everyone can enjoy the farm and the pageant. 

To learn more about pageants such as miss agritourism, contact a pageant farm in your area.