Things A Certified DHIA Field Tester Can Help Herd Owners With

8 December 2021
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If you have a herd of cows that produces milk, it's standard protocol to have these operations tested. That's a job left up to a certified DHIA (Dairy Herd Improvement Association) field tester, who can provide some helpful things throughout this relationship.

Check Components Found in Milk

In order to verify milk from your herds is healthy and ready for public consumption, you need to have it analyzed carefully to see what components are in it. That's a job that should be left up to a certified DHIA field tester.

They can grab enough samples of milk from your farm and send it off to well-structured and licensed labs, which will test the milk for various components. These can include protein, fat, and lactose. Having these insights is going to help you understand the true quality of your milk and then you can make adjustments if need be.

Create an On-Site Testing Program

If you're just getting into raising herds of cows for their milk production, then you'll need to set up a testing program. That will ensure quality and safety. If you work with a DHIA field tester who's certified, they can come up with a custom testing program onsite.

That will save you from making any major mistakes, such as not following the proper protocols related to milk production. A DHIA field tester will see what equipment and testing protocols make sense based on the layout of your property and the herd it supports.

Test for Potential Disease

One thing you don't want happening with your herd is for it to develop a major disease. That could lead to a couple of problems, such as decreased milk output, contamination, and herd loss. You thus want to keep an eye on all potential instances of disease, which a DHIA field tester can help out with.

They have thorough testing measures that can check for various herd diseases, such as BVD, Neospora, Johnes Disease, and trichinosis. If any of your cows are affected by the aforementioned diseases, the DHIA field tester can reveal these results and help you respond accordingly.

There are a lot of variables at play when raising cattle for their milk production. If you want to get a better handle on them, you can work with a DHIA field tester. Their insights and testing methods can help you make smart decisions about how milk is produced around your farm. 

For more information on certified DHIA, contact a professional near you.