Tips For Keeping Your Home's Well In Excellent Condition

15 May 2017
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If your home has a well, it is essential to keep it in good repair if you don't want your every day life interrupted. While maintaining a well takes some effort, doing so will help ensure that your well does not fail or need expensive repairs. Use the following tips to help ensure that your home's well will function properly for many years to come:

Avoid Trying To Work on Your Well Yourself

While it is natural to want to try to save some money when it comes to home maintenance, it is never a good idea to try to service your well yourself. In most cases, homeowners who try to do DIY well services or repairs end up causing even more problems. If your well has issues that need to be fixed or is due for service, you should always hire a well professional.

Schedule Regular Well Check-Ups

In the long run, it is much less expensive to keep up on maintenance for your well compared to having to make costly repairs when well components begin to wear out, causing a domino effect of problems. During a well check-up, your well services provider will do a flow test to check the output of your well and look at the water level. A well check-up also includes a full inspection of the pump motor, pressure tank, and pressure switch contact. It is also important to have your well water tested during a well check-up.

Make Sure Your Water Well System is Clean

Testing the ground water from a well is essential, but you also need to know that the actual well system is clean. It is not uncommon for people to find problems with their well water and automatically assume that the issue is with the water itself. In some cases, water issue problems can actually occur because the well itself is dirty and is contaminating the water. A well professional can test your well system for the presence of bacteria or debris floating in your well. If the actual well is dirty, you will need to hire a well services provider to properly clean it.

Keep Chemicals Away from Your Well

If you have a well on your property, all chemicals should be stored as far away as possible. Never dump chemicals near a well, as they possible end up contaminating the ground water and causing a lot of problems. You should also be very careful when using pesticides or herbicides, being careful to avoid using them near your well.